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About Us

Our Philosophy towards your wellbeing

Success in any dimension of life requires harmony of our Intellect, our Energies, our Physical Health and Proper Guidance of a Guru or Master. Nakshatra nurtures the potential of each Candidate to empower him to fully develop his/ her Mental and Physical faculties to shine through life in all dimensions.
Our Training Program is the most sought after student training program available today which makes use of  our Unique Concentration and Focus Building Exercises along with Modern Scientific Teaching Principles based on extensive research to ensure candidates easily crack various competitive exams which others find extremely difficult to excel in.
We employ only Trained Faculty (not ex Students) who are masters in their Subjects and adept at our unique Teaching Process and ensure that You clear the selection process at your very first attempt.
Take some time to explore our website, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out. We are excited to welcoming you onboard this Transformative Journey.

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Intensive Regular Tests

At Nakshatra IAS students go through regular testing using an AI computer program to make sure that they stay ahead of the rest of the competition. No Academy provides such Tech based testing.


Professional Field Trips

All students are provided with exposure to various Industries to build their professionalism in the form of field trips to build future IAS Officers with real world experience to help crack the Interviews


Village Training

We train all our future Civil Services Officers in grassroot training so that they are well acccustomed to what they study in class by showing them the workings of panchayats and other Govt. Initiatives to build their personality


Digital Classrooms

Completely Digital Classrooms using the latest modern technology to make lessons engaging and more interesting for the students while helping retain new information through audio visual teaching methodology


Interaction with Experts

Nakshatra IAS students are taught not just by renowned teachers but also by Industry leaders and experts from various fields which give our students a huge edge in the selection process


Focus Building Exercises

Students at the Academy are taught how to train their body and mind using scientific concentration techniques which have proven to enhance student performance and excel during exams


NGO Training

Nakshatra IAS Academy has partnered with various NGOs to train the students in real world policy implementation of various government schemes which builds their personality and prepares them for their Service Life as IAS Officers


Personality Development

Students undergo a rigorous Personality Enhancement Training by the best Trainers in India to  get them ready for the interview process of facing the  UPSC and APSC interview board


Discover Our Unique Learning Model

At Nakshatra IAS we revolutionize the way UPSC and APSC aspirants prepare for their exams by blending Scientific Teaching Methodology with cutting-edge technology. Our focus extends beyond mere memorization; we equip students with the skills to learn effectively, retain vast amounts of information, and excel in reproducing them with precision and exceptional presentation skills.


  • Our Approach

  • Comprehensive Answer Writing Skill Development: Elevate your exam performance with our specialized training in crafting meaningful answers during exam simulations. We ensure you master the art of concise and impactful responses.

  • AI-Enabled Student Mentoring: Our innovative mentoring program utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and address learning impediments, providing personalized guidance tailored to your needs.

  • Individualized Attention and Progress Monitoring: Every candidate receives dedicated support, with complete progress monitoring through advanced performance matrices. We tailor our approach to your unique learning style and pace.

  • Systematic Testing for Enhanced Skill Sets: Our rigorous testing methodology goes beyond standard exam preparation, nurturing skill sets desired by top recruiting agencies.

  • Holistic Personality Development Coaching: Prepare not just academically, but also personally. Our regular coaching sessions build the character traits expected of future officers, ensuring your holistic development.

  • Proprietary Computer Models for Tailored Programs: Benefit from our tailor-made programs designed to suit your individual learning preferences and understanding, driven by proprietary computer models.

  • Neurogenesis-Stimulating Practices: Experience the benefits of practices that stimulate neurogenesis, leading to higher IQ, improved memory, reduced stress, and unparalleled levels of concentration.

  • In-House Training on National and International Events: Stay informed without the hassle. Our in-house training covers events of national and international significance, eliminating the need to sift through multiple newspapers and magazines.

  • Educational Study Tours: Immerse yourself in enriching study tours that offer practical insights and contextual understanding, enriching your exam preparation experience.

  • Join us at Nakshatra IASand embark on a transformative journey towards UPSC and APSC success. Unlock your potential with our holistic approach to exam preparation.


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