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Get to Know What Makes Nakshatra Academy of Excellence the Most Trusted and Reliable Choice of Civil Service Training In North East India

If Becoming a Civil Servant is your goal and you are wiling to do what is necessary to achieve this dream then there is no better Training Academy for Future IAS, IPS and ACS Officers than Nakshatra Academy of Excellence. We Believe in Results rather than tall claims. Nakshatra Academy has been not only producing highly efficient Civil Service Officers for the past 20 years but has played a crucial role in nation building. Read Below to know how our Unique Approach to Civil Service Training is your one stop destination to crack your IAS Dreams.

  • Exam Oriented Course Material: Nakshatra has refined the art of Compiling Relevant Study Material and making the huge UPSC and APSC syllabus concise and approachable to students. This means that you learn the most updated course information according to the latest UPSC trends and syllabus. This makes studying fun, reduces the stress of uncertainty and brings you closer to your goal of becoming a civil servant!


  • Digital Classrooms: Our Students consistently benefit from our interactive digital learning through the use of modern technology such as graphics, animations, mind maps, live visualizations and 3d Models to understand various facets of Indian and World History, Geographical facts, Indian Polity and Governance and World and Indian Economy amongst various others

  • All India Rankings: All our students are provided with the reality of their progress through the weekly examinations and their ranking among all our students studying in our other centers in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. This helps them realize their gaps in learning and also helps motivate them to perform better with time.

  • Mains Oriented Teaching: Our Training if focused towards ensuring your success in UPSC or APSC mains from day one. This means that you are trained in the salient aspects of Answer Writing, Essay Writing and Studying Model Answers from the very beginning under the expert guidance of our Qualified Trainers.

  • Daily Discussion Sessions: We hold daily discussions and interactive sessions with our students so that they do not feel left out and we cover each and every aspect of their education such as Doubt Clearing, Motivation, Psychological Guidance, Personal Mentoring etc.

  • Transparent Fee Structure: Our Students are provided complete peace of Mind by our open and Transparent Fee Structure where each student is assured the Best of Training in the Industry at the Most Affordable Cost. Furthermore it is our promise to all students to return their complete fees in case we fail to hold a minimum of 80% of scheduled classes* This makes Nakshatra Academy the most Trustworthy UPSC and APSC training Academy in the entire country

Click Here to Join Our Award Winning UPSC and APSC program today and begin Your Career with the Best !

*subject to national and state holidays, national or regional disasters, illness or other unforeseen circumstances

APSC Offline Coaching Guwahati
APSC Online Coaching Guwahati
APSC Offline Coaching Guwahati
APSC Offline Coaching Guwahati
APSC Offline Coaching Guwahati
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