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Features of Presidential Govt UPSC

The Presidential form of govt is based on the principle of separation of

power between the executive and legislature. Under this system the

executive is independent from the control of legislative

The Following are the features of the Presidential Form of Government:

  1. President is head of State and Govt

  2. Elected by electoral college for 4 years

  3. Cannot be removed by Congress

  4. Kitchen Cabinet

  5. Not Responsible to Congress

  6. President cannot dissolve lower House

  7. Doctrine of Seperation of Power

Advantagesof the Presidential System of Government:

i) Quick and decisiveness in Decision-making

ii) Presidential discretion in Appointments

iii) A single countrywide constituency

iv) Merits of Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances

v) Fixed Tenure of Office

vi) Individual Ministerial Responsibility

vii) Insulation from Party Politics

Disadvantages of the Presidential System of Government:

i) Prone to Dictatorship

ii) Friction among Government Organs

iii) Lack of flexibility in Tenure of Office

iv) Very Expensive to Operate

v) Absence of Party Discipline

vi) The process of Lobbying can encourage Corruption


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